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“Navigating through a Challenging Regulatory Climate”

In times of austerity and recession, the Greek Medical Technology society can convince public and private stakeholders of the value it brings to healthcare. It needs to become evident that the Medical Technology industry can contribute to the saving of valuable state resources and the well-being of millions of patients.

«It’s high time we were structuring a national plan for medical technology and innovation!»

The Government, in agreement with the major healthcare stakeholders, needs to define the market rules and legislation in which the Medical Technology industry will flourish in a most financially sustainable way, in the context of a patient-centered, value-based healthcare model.

Now in its 2nd year, the Medical Devices and Diagnostics Conference, in association with the Hellenic Association of Scientific & Medical Equipment Suppliers (Hellasmes) aims to bring together policy makers and healthcare stakeholders, who will share insights and visions about the present and future of Medical Technology in Greece.

Key issues

  • The European Environment
  • Reimbursement, Quality and Innovation Practices
  • Hospital Supplies in Social, Legal and Financial Context


Medical Technology industry representatives, Healthcare Policy Makers, Health Economists, Social Security Funds Administration, Academics, Technologists, Medical & Administrative Hospital Personnel, Biotechnologists, Pharmacists, Medical Biologists and Health Journalists.

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